Xero Integration

Let's count everyone interested! We use both Linnworks and Kashflow and would like to see them integrated. Hoping to get a few votes from others in the same position. If you are not familiar with Kashflow and you are looking for accounting software, check their website, they offer a free trial.

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We will look into integration with XERO too.
I have currently agreed to pay for this - if there are others out there who want it is possible to share the cost?
Im interested in this also please contact me regarding paying for this integration.
Im interested in this and would also be interested in sharing the development costs
how about Xero - it's a more popular accounting software - we had Kashflow and moved to Xero!
there is another post for integration with xero and kashflow - perhaps the votes should be combined?!
Any more info or eta?
I vote for Xero as well...would make life so much easier
Integration with Xero also accepted? Thanks

Any updates in regards to intergrating with Xero? I have spoken to them and they have advised me that they have had many customers enquire about intergrating with Linnworks and that they are open to the idea and are willing to work with Linnworks. However, they will only kickstart this if a request actually comes from Linnworks themselves.

We eagerly await this update!!!
We need an integration with Xero.

A lot of us are using workarounds at the moment but an integration between Linnworks and Xero directly would make Linnworks so much more powerful.
Any update on this - I need Xero integration for sales
Integratin with Xero
We are reviewing options of making Xero integration as a third party plug in, into

Will update once we have a better understanding of what it entails or if we find a suitable partner who can develop it using our new App API
intergration with xero please

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