Xero Integration

Let's count everyone interested! We use both Linnworks and Kashflow and would like to see them integrated. Hoping to get a few votes from others in the same position. If you are not familiar with Kashflow and you are looking for accounting software, check their website, they offer a free trial.

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I'd second KashFlow. At the moment we produce invoices in Linnworks, then need to copy and paste it into KashFlow.

Currently we take payments via credit card (within KashFlow) and are getting all our UK accounts up on GoCardless - the direct debit solution for KashFlow.

Also consider adding Xero and E-Conomic.

We happily pay for a 3rd party integration service like CarryTheOne (which works with KashFlow and Xero) and OneSaas (Xero only).
and/or Xero
Vote +1
Definitely interested in integrating Xero. Prepared to pay for quick result.
Definitely a +3 vote from me. I am a mutlti-channel seller and I use Linnworks for order and stock management. I use OneSaaS to manage eBay and own website using BigCommerce Shopping cart. The main issue I have is how to pull my Amazon transactions into Xero automatically.

Would love to see this implemented on either platform!
Need Integration with and Need Accounting and Integration with many brick and mortar stores
This would be a massive integration for us. The fact that Xero supports bank accounts in multiple currencies and allows invoices to be raised in different currencies (however at the moment lacking the import function for this). I would be great if linnworks was able to colaborate with Xero as they would make a great team for online selling + back end accounting.
I would love this
Xero definitely. That is a make or break.
This integration will make my life so easy. I just had enough of typing in to kashflow manuall; :(
I would also like to cast my vote for XERO, over Kashflow. But any integration at all would be a major feature :)
We have designed an API to export Linnworks Invoices into Xero, It works for multple currencies, allows for matching to different tax types and sales accounts in Xero based on country. It also has filters for linnworks invoices.

We are interested in gettng some feedback from other linnworks users on this. We understand that depending on your company you have different methods for doing accounts.

We are going to accept 5-10 people to join a beta version of the app to get feedback, if you are interested please email Please give a brief description of the marketplaces you sell in, currencies, tax rates you use.

We are also starting an Amazon integration to the service, this will allow you to feed your amazon transactions directly into Xero from multiple amazon accounts.
I vote for Xero integration!

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