Add nested 'if' statement into expressions in

Can you please add a nested 'if' statement into the expressions in imports/exports? Currently, the 'if' functionality works if there are only 2 'if' clauses:

iif[c, a, b] - where 'c' is the condition and must evaluate to a Boolean. The value 'a' is returned if 'c' is true, otherwise, the value 'b' is returned.

However, if we have more than 2 conditions, we are not able to use this function. We tried to nest an 'if' condition into 'b' but can't evaluate it since it's surrounded with double quotes and count it as a string.

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It can already be done. You have to use variables to achieve this.


a:=iif[v{RetailPrice}>1, True, False];
b:=iif[v{RetailPrice}>2, True, False];
iif[a=true AND b=true, True, False]

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