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Shopify Force Update Levels

I often find that my Shopify levels are completely out of sync with my Linnworks levels. The Linnworks Inventory Linking screen sill say that it's successfully synced up, but the levels will be different for no reason.

The only solution I can think of is to be able to force Linnworks to send a bulk Level update to Shopify.

The Shopify API allows a full download of current inventory - what the Linnworks system can do is, at the User's request, do a full download of the Shopify inventory, compare the Shopify levels against their linked Linnworks available levels, and update Shopify inventory whenever there's a discrepency

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Force update is not a solution, but a work around

Linnworks should be submitting updated stock levels to Shopify, therefore we need to find the cause of your discrepancies and resolve it this way.

Please bring up the issue via support and provide as many samples as possible

Mark Aldous
Head of Implemtation
Linn Systems Ltd

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