Ability to increase inventory prices by a percentage %

For Ebay, Amazon etc add the ability to increase listing price by a percentage - main reason is to add VAT onto the catalog prices before listing as all our inventory prices are Exc VAT.

For Example - base product price + 20%

Could then also be used to add hidden postage costs etc.

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I think this option is already available, go to product listing screen search the SKU , right click on title and chose adjust pricing, a new window will open which will show purchase price, retails price and selling price on different channels and store, on the top you have opting to increase or decrease price of any/all channels by a percentage or until. Give it a try its really helpful.
why cant it be done as default - we have over 5000 products and 10k listings - to manually go through the adjust pricing on each item is a real time consuming way of doing it (Currently its the way we do things) or export whole inventory and do a calc in excel to add 20% then re-import back in with source and sub source etc. would be easier if it was a default option tick box thats all.
Add The Option In The Channel Integration Settings to add a percentage to default price before listing e.g 20% for VAT

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