Show Fedex Prices and Delivery Day/Time When press the Print Shipping Labels Button


F.A.O Nikita Fedex Team has confirmed the Price/Time information is there in"Request and Response" process when using Fedex Services

i need linnworks to update their fedex module to show the prices before processor when processing the order using fedex services. "The way fedex does on their website". I have contacted the fedex team so many times and they have confirmed time and time again that both price+deliverydate(time) information is there when you process your order Fedex credentials in linnworks. Only Linnworks have to sort their module to show this information to sellers when they are processing their orders. This information is very important for us to know before using fedex service to send the parcel becuase fedex charges different for different regions which we dont know by heart and we can not call fedex for each and every order to as the confirmed price again and again and every day. So kindly update your module ASAP i have already waited for this fedex issue to be resolved from more than a year through (ebusinessguru). and they are keep saying it is in PIPE Line, it is in PIPE LINE. I dont think soany one taking customers issues seriusly here. Hope to have this fixed ASAP.

AGAIN fedex has confirmed in "Request and Response" both informations are avaible its only a metter of linnowkrs show it by updating there fedex module. If you need idea How to do t i can help you may be here. . Fedex 3-4 copies of lables + 3 commercial copies + 3 declaration form (so add these all information) kindly kindly kindly. i have waited more than a year now. If you contact fedex people they can even help you regarding the commercial invocie and declaration form which fedex dont need onnly if there is ETD mentioned on the labels. Please check with them for detail. So also some times we dont charge customer for the full price for the order (commercail value) so we need option to change the price for particular order to change the commercial value (in case of return and exchange). I know it is long email but i have waited also for long time now. Hope to hear from you soon

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