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Allow support for Google Shopping attribtues

I'm not sure if the BigCommerce API allows this or has any external accessibility for this, but in BigCommerce in item edit, there's a place to enable Google Shopping, which also has fields for a barcode, MPN, colour, size, etc

I was wondering if you guys might work on adding that to the BigCommerce Configurators : a way to enable and automatically fill in the values for Google Shopping. That would be very cool and helpful for my business

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Also the custom product fields in BigCommerce able to be mapped in Linnlive.
This will help with listing on Google which is a must for all eCommerce providers
A key part of Bigcommerce is the Google Shopping attributes.

Currently LinnLive does not support listing with these attributes. This has resulted in us manually imputing or importing these values which is taking considerable time.

I have spoken with live support on this and have been told it is not supported. It should be supported as it allows our business to grow by selling products on one of the worlds biggest eCommerce Listing Platforms.

I am not sure why they are not supported as they are part of the API.
While this is still not supported I thought I would update this on what we are doing. We are currently writing an application which will complete the data by taking extended properties on the products and matching them to the correct products on bigcommerce. This should really be a standard feature. The objects have been in the API since day one so why would they not be included?
Thank you for letting us know about this feature.

This is not in the system because BigCommerce rolled this out after we have completed the integration with them.

Its now on our radar and we will work on it in the near future.

Meanwhile I will tag this request as Under Review
Does anyone know whether any work has started on this please or if there is an ETA?
We will try to plan this feature development in January.
Thank you Fedor. Do you have an idea of when this might be implemented please?
Too late we have just moved away from Linnworks because of this.
Has any progress been made on this development please?
We have made an extensive investigation into implementing this functionality and the outcome is that this feature can not be implemented at this time.

This decision was made due to the fact BigCommerce API does not allow setting of Google Shopping attributes via their API. From the API documentation section for Google Product mappings, it is clearly seen that it supports ?GET? requests only and does not allow posting or putting any information there via API (

Additional examination revealed that there is no workaround, which could allow doing this via API ( Another developer has also tried to contact BigCommerce on the matter and received a clear response from them that this is not supported via the API (

As we understand that the main reason for customers to want this to be implemented into our system is the desire to specify Google Shopping attributes in bulk, we have found one nice work around that can be used for this. The process is to export your BigCommerce inventory, add information to the received CSV file and import it back again. Detailed tutorial is available here:

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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