Integration with Amazon Mexico

It would be fantastic if Linnworks could integrate with Amazon Mexico in the very near future (the sooner the better since Christmas is not too far away now)!

Anything to avoid creating orders manually (rather inneficient).

Please get voting, many thanks :).

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Many thanks for the update. Please could you let me know when we can expect to have some more information on this? Thanks in advance.
Once the request goes into Planning developer queue
When it Started it means its actually in development, review, quality assurance and then when its released (or pending release), this request will be marked as Completed and you will be notified automatically via an email.

Account identifiers and credentials can be created for

What is the ETA for this to be added into Linnworks? Surely, this should be an easy thing as it's just an extension of the North American Amazon Seller Account.
This functionality has been implemented.
How about integration with Linnlive or listing configurators on

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