Handling pre-orders

Is it possible to have a section in the open orders window for pre-orders? This would be a separate section for items which are not in stock yet, but will be in stock on or after the restock / release date? We can then easily monitor this and these orders won't get mixed with orders that are in stock and ready for dispatch.

Amazon have this functionality on their listings:

Restock Date

Release Date

Especially for new items, we may want to take pre-orders before the item is actually in stock and we can set a date for this on Amazon. Sometimes when we purchase products from suppliers, there could be a lead time. This will allows us to take pre-orders as the customer will know they will only get the item after the restock or release date?

This is hard to manage currently on Linnworks as it gets mixed with orders which are in stock.

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you could use the tags to organise them? This is what we do, we have a tag used for preorders, one for customers that need to be contacted, one to check with the warehouse and so on. You can then filter by flag and find them all quite easily

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