A Mac supported virtual printer application for Linnworks.net

As a Mac user, I originally ran Parallels software to allow me to use the desktop version of Linnworks - with the promise that .net was coming soon. The new online version looks great, and I was excited to use it; however, the virtual printer application is not supported by Mac! So I can print no invoices, shipping labels etc - rendering the .net version useless for a Mac user! All it would take for me to be able to successfully use .net is a Mac supported virtual printer application, therefore removing the need to run Parallels and making Linnworks as a whole much more attractive to Mac users.

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I know this topic is old, but seeing how .net is becoming the normal application and having a PC will soon not be required, this would be a super useful. Right now I have spare slave PC that I turn on whenever I need to print labels and use my MacBook to do everything else.

Or instead of LW making their own application, LW could chose to integrate with google cloud print? Many print servers will speak to cloud print negating the need for any computer the run the virtual printer client, and removing the need for LW to maintain it?

Just a thought. 

Any progress on this would be great 

We need more likes for this to happen :)

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