Email Invoice as PDF from Open Orders and processed orders

In Print Invoice Menu Have an Email Invoice Option to directly send a PDF invoice to customer.

It is very often necessary to send/resend invoiced as PDF to the customers on their request. The process at the moment is to print normal invoice into PDF using PDFCreator and email it manually. This manual process can be avoided if could send invoices automatically,

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I agree, this feature is a must. Can't be that hard to implement and the amount of customers that require a resend of the invoice.
The processed orders should cover FBA orders.
Lots of EU customers ask for invoices before / after they receive the FBA orders.

Yes, this would make the PO Process much smoother for  my company.  When a PO is moved to the Open Status, add simply button to email the PO as a PDF to the Supplier specified in the PO.

The number of times customers ask for us to send an invoice even after automatically sending it, means implementing this feature will be really beneficial and time-saving. Also we often get asked to send the invoice to another email address, so it would be useful to also have the ability to specify an alternative email address to receive it.


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