To have a copy facility in My Inventry to copy & paste items

To have a copy facility in My Inventory to copy & paste items

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This is probably the most important missing feature from that makes it completely unusable for us.

We currently have Templates in My Inventory and to add a new stock item to our inventory we copy the relevant Template, fill in the blanks and that's it - without this is useless for us.

The functionality cannot be hard to implement as it works just fine in Linnworks Desktop so please get this added!
Hi Mark, thanks for the quick update on this and the positive action - this is a critical feature for us and I'm sure other Linnworks users must do this as well so it's great you are implementing it.

Setting the SKU at the time of copying is fine and is how we do it just now, eg, we have an imaginary template called "Saloon Car" and to add a new saloon car to our inventory we copy the template and give it a new SKU that relates to the actual item we are adding like "Mondeo 2.0L Diesel".

Thanks again, really appreciate this and I'll keep an eye out with any progress on its implementation - where is best to keep updated on this, do you add a comment to this post?
This and the lack of photos in my inventory are the two reasons we can't use .net either
Can't wait for this to be implemented
Looks like this has been implemented as a duplicate option. Just tested, appears to copy all attributes accept SKU which it asks for, stock level, which it sets to 0, and maybe barcode... not sure what it does with barcode.

Thanks guys, this will same me god knows how much time!
As Charles confirmed in his comment
This feature has been implemented using the "Duplicate" function in Settings cog at the top right of the My Inventory screen.

You are asked to enter a New SKU, Title and Barcode. All other properties are copied apart from Level which is left as zero

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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