eBay Vehicle Compatibility selection (K-Types) in Inventory Edit screen

Vehicle Compatibility is highly recommended specification for a listing in any Motors related listing on eBay. Linnworks Desktop has built in functionality for selecting k-types from the list of available Makes/Models.

K-type selection screen needs to be ported across to as a built in part of the Inventory Item Edit screen (optionally enabled for sellers who deal with eBay Motors listings) or as a plugable component.

K-Type selection process for each inventory item should resemble the interface designed by eBay itself (see attached screenshot). With the following features:

- Choose multiple makes from the first list

- available Models are filtered out based on the selected list of Makes

- available list of Variants are filtered based on the selection of the Models

- List of compatible vehicles is displayed below the selection list, where user can select specific type and applicable years

- Ability to select all years for the type

- Ability to select all types

- Ability to select the whole presented list in one click

In addition

- Search functionality for Make, Model and Variant

- As user types the Make, Model and Variant lists are filtered down based on the search term.

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The functionality will be developed as plug-in component. We are currently waiting for the plug-able functionality in to be finalized to allow for embedded functionality.

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