Automatically Bulk List inventory items in LinnLive to different eBay Marketplace Sites (Countires) all at once

Wouldn't it be great if you could bulk list all of your items to all different eBay Marketplaces at once?

We currently list each of our items to 11 different eBay sites (UK, AUS, USA, Germany, Ireland etc...)

Currently we have to:

1. Push the listings to

2. Wait for them to be pushed through the LinnLive system

3. Push the listings to

4. Wait for them to be pushed through the LinnLive system

5. Rinse and repeat, 11 times.

Before Linnworks, we used to list to ebay using CSV's through File Exchange which was quick and simple, it currently takes us 100 times longer to list through Linnworks, work smarter not harder right?

Wouldn't it be great if Linnworks could have a system where you select your listings you want to list, select all the different configs you want to list to and voilĂ .. LinnLive lists all of the items selected to all of the configs (countries) you selected, without you having to wait around before sending to the next channel. They could be put in a queuing system where they list to the first config, then the next config and so on without you having to do that work manually, you could simply set it off overnight and in the morning they are all done. Simples!

Vote if this sounds good to you :)

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Oops.. Typo in the main Title, how embarrassing :'(

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