A button on EPOS module to allow Caching with Linnworks without having to exit and log back in

So sometimes I am up in the office on Linnworks and I adjust a price during the working day, then that item sells in the shop using the EPOS module, but because it has not been 'Cached' since it was first logged in in the morning the price on EPOS is still the old one. Addition of new stock items is also not synchronised until it is Cached too, so if I add a new item to stock, put it out on the shelves, I have to exit the EPOS module on all of the tills and get staff to log back in in order for the new item to be available to scan. So a manual Cache button would be handy to allow it to be Cached without the need to exit the module and log back in again. If it was included in the synchronisation every 10 minutes that would be even better, but a manual button would be very useful.

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