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Rules Engine Assign to folder based on Quantity at location.

Linnworks can check stock levels at each warehouse location or Fufillment center when order is downloaded.

From there user could setup rules to assign orders to folders based on quantity available at the location.

For example if we have 5 at location A, 25 at location B and 2 at Amazon FBA.

When an order comes in and we have the item at FBA, it could be set to assign it to Amazon FBA folder.

Or if an order for 10 items it could split the order, or send to location with the most inventory, etc based on rules chosen.

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Rules engine is not really geared up for such a complex logic I am afraid. By complex logic I mean it runs within the scope of the order data, which means we can't check stock level in different location.

Scripting is a way to go for such a requirement.

The script itself for checking stock level in fulfillment location is fairly simple. However splitting an order is a bit more complicated process.

Contact our scripting team for specification and the quote.

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