Increased functions within the Rules Engine

We are currently using the Rules Engine function within Linnworks, Settings to automate and assign the various postal services to our orders.

Unfortunately the options that you can select are limited.

We specifically require the need for additional fields for the dimensions (height, width, depth) to be order/consignment specific, not just for the largest item. All couriers base their services on both weights and dimensions, we therefore need this additional function to establish if an item is sent as a letter or parcel and by which courier service we should used.

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We would also like to see the ability to move orders to difference locations should there not be sufficient stock at the current FC to complete the order. In other words, conditions that would allow a check for available stock at specified locations.

Hello Dominic,

What you are requesting is achievable via a custom script currently if that is something you need quickly.

You can request such a script to be written from our Customization department via the ticket system if you wish. 



Linnworks Tech Support

Hi Kirill, 

I am looking for a way for this to be achievable on .net without using the LW Desktop application. 



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