Select type of encoding for exports (UTF-8) - or make UTF-8 standard

As of now, all special characters (e.g. German umlauts) are converted into weird combinations of regular letters/numbers/characters when exporting data from the database via, since the default export encoding appears to be ANSI.

It would be great to have the opportunity to select the type of character encoding when using the export function, since we could be sure about which data actually are represented in the database when looking at the exported file. Especially UTF-8 would be great as an option, since it would allow for the correct export of special characters (like German umlauts).

To quote

"UTF-8 is superior in every way to ANSI. There is no reason to choose ANSI over UTF-8 in creating new applications as all computers can decode it. The only reason to be using ANSI is when you are forced to run an old application that you do not have any replacement for."

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