Edit Multiple Orders (More Than 5) Linnworks Desktop

In Linnworks Desktop on the open order screen (paid) we can see all the orders. We always open all orders in EDIT mode to check and correct addresses and enter tracking numbers. The problems is that we can only edit 5 orders at a time and this is so time consuming. If we want to edit say 50 orders then we have to select 5 orders and click the "Edit Orders" toolbar button and wait for them to come up and then select the next 5 orders and then click the "Edit Orders" toolbar button again and wait for them to come up, so now we have 10 orders in edit mode so to do 50 orders we have to repeat the previous actions another 8 times until all 50 orders are up for editing! This is VERY time consuming. It would be great if sellers could select much more than 5 orders and edit them. Thank you.

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