Integration with Magento 2

Need Integration with Magento 2 ASAP

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please confirm if this work with magento 2.1.x ? 


I am happy to confirm that supports Magento 2.1+ (order download, dispatch, inventory mapping + sync)

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Any news on being able to list products to Magento 2 as yet?



Hi Gareth,

at the moment I can not give you any updates on actual time scales.

What we are doing is developing an infrastructure within Linnworks that is generic for listing purposes that channels can effectively be plugged in to, which is why this part of the channel is taking longer than you might expect. For the sites that we currently supporting listing the infrastructure has been developed independently for each channel, which as I am sure you can imagine makes for more work.

When we have the generic structure in place we will then be able to start adding channels that we do not currently support listing to, with Magento 2 being at the top of the list

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn systems Ltd

Whats the latest regarding Magento 2 listings?

Would be nice to know here too. Holding back on site upgrades / new site until its ready.


Listing is the final piece of the jigsaw, we have been waiting for months.  CSV uploads just doesn't make things easy when dealing with variation and images.

We are pretty keen to have listing to Magento 2.1 ready too!

Can you please confirm (or deny) that listing to Magento 2 is something you are working towards supporting?

Hi John,

It is in the pipeline, however, we haven't started on this yet.

Another 8 months have passed - any news on this yet?  I'm looking to set up a new Magento website and ideally would like to use Magento 2, but no listing tool would kill it for us.

Yes would like to know any more info you have for listing to Magento 2 Thanks

we are also in need of this.  We have been on hold with our upgrade but need the listing side ideally?

Any news on this - It's been two years of development? 


we are currently running a closed Beta with a few clients for listing to Magento 2

Once this has been completed it will be made available in Open Beta for all users

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