Shopify API Data Sync

The ability to obtain more product data from Shopify and the ability to apply that data to our linnworks products ideally as an automated process.

Extra information from Shopify such as:

Product URL


Image URL

Product Category - such as "T-Shirt" or "Hoodie"

Manufacturer or Brand

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A feature that we will be looking to implement in will be to import inventory in bulk directly from all channels that have a direct API integration.

The specification for this has not yet be put together, however the basic concept is to pool the data available from multiple channels into one central view and allow users of Linnworks to create new inventory items. This way users will be able to choose which data to pull from the which channel when creating the item. It might also be possible to use this to update existing inventory items also.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Is this still under review ? it would be great to list directly from linnworks to shopify like ebay and amazon. Would also be usefull to have the price sync working with this channel atleast.

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