woocommerce channel full integration & sync

Woocommerce is on pace to overtake all other platforms as the #1 ecommerce solution.

Vanbo Develops has a solution but is limited to just inventory, order & shipping management. Product content, such as title, pricing, description, & photos must be handled separately within woocommerce, which creates double the work if you also have existing channels on Amazon & Ebay handling the same products,

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We are already working on direct woocommerce integration. It should be out in the next couple of month.
Hi all,
we are now in final stages of development for the direct integration of Woocommerce through for order and inventory management. At the moment there will not be support for listing creation and this will be looked at as completely separate project.

If you already have a live Woocommerce account and are interested in BETA testing this feature please email

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

Any chance of a better/fuller integration on what is now the worlds largest ecommerce platform  - WooCommerce ?

Hello Gavin,

Could you elaborate on better/fuller integration matter? We do have a direct integration with WooCommerce. There are some things that we are limited on due to WooCommerce API not quite having the needed tools or being outdated. The integration we have is for Default WooCommerce setup. We cannot account for different plugins and extension as there are so many of them that it would be impossible to implement functionality for those, thus the integration works based on Default configuration. 

Best Regards,


Tech Support Team

Hi Kirill

Many thanks for the reply. I know there is an integration allowing order processing etc. I also appreciate that people can have various plugins and extensions. However, the ability to create and edit product details is still common functionality across all sites. Looking at the current API it looks like they support this, it may well be that previously they didn't. With WooCommerce already being the most popular ecommerce platform and set to grow further, I believe there is a real need for Linnworks to look again at and enhance their integration.


Hi Krill/Mark/Gavin

I concur with Gavin, There needs to be a full integration allowing listing direct from LW to Woo.  We currently use our own external db to list to Woo but it is inefficient and lacks the continuity we get within LW.  As a volume lister we need to control all our products from within one platform (LW) so that we are able to train staff so they can list to Amz, ebay etc not specialist staff to cover each platform.

Having used LW for many years it would be a shame to jump ship now but most of the "newer" listing tools available do have this link along with many more.  I know it must be difficult to maintain a platform like LW but the name of the game is staying ahead of your competitors and likewise we need to do the same by ensuring we are using the best listing tools available.


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