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Royal Mail Integration - Add average weight instead of individual weights

At the moment weights have to be added for each individual product and then the weight of the packaging which will be used for complete Royal Mail OBA Integration. What we need is to set all orders to 0g (which I know you can do already), then at the end of the day add the average weights for each service.

This will ensure weights are accurate, we will no longer have to manually enter each tracking number into Linnworks as we can benefit from the OBA tracked integration, we will no longer need to fill out the addresses into the Royal Mail posting book and we will no longer need to log into OBA online.

Weights of an individual product can vary in our business and packaging can vary, meaning weights would not be accurate if we integrated OBA at the moment.

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Sorry cannot accept this as a development. This would defeat the purpose of integration, besides this is a requirement for the 2D barcoded labels. Every consignment has to have a correct weight.

It very easy to import the weights into the system for each product and then you don't need to ever worry about weight anything. You can also specify weights of each order individually before printing a label.

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