Option to add order to Royal Mail Manifest upon processing order instead of printing label

Currently orders are added to the manifest upon printing the label. However this has some major issues when using integrated label paper.

For example if we print and order on integrated label paper that order is immediately added to the manifest. If there is then an issue with this order for example the item is out of stock somehow or this is the last item and it is faulty etc.

We then need to order the item in and wait a day to dispatch this order. However it has already been added to the manifest. Therefore we have to delete the order from the manifest and destroy the label, before our Royal Mail collection. We then also have to right click the order and choose to clear the label info and re-print a new label on the day the order is actually dispatched. If this process is not followed the customer gets an email saying it is on it's way.

All of these problems are eliminated if the order is added to the manifest at the point it is processed instead of when the label is printed.

Please could you add this option for all Courier integrations?

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Great solution! I wish someone came up with it at our end!
Definitely a must for us!
Great idea! will save a lot of problems & time
Only problem I can see with this from a developer point of view is that anything that's tracked has the barcode assigned at the point when you print the label and I suspect this would be the problem that the integration team would have with applying the requested feature.

Without knowing how the system works it's hard to be sure but I'd hazard a guess that applying the item to the manifest, at point of postage label printing, is something that RM themselves have instituted as part of their integration requirement/workflow rather than LW.

Just a thought...

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