Stock Valuation - Purchased Orders

When raising a purchase order with a shipping cost, Linnworks should be able to create stock valuation for this order with shipping combined.

Example 1000 Items purchased for €1 = €1000, shipping = €300, Linnworks currently says stock valuation is €1 per item = €1000. However the stock valuation is really €1300 with each product being valued at €1.30

Currently this is a manual calculation I have to make to amatise the shipping costs across all products. This is both time consuming and requires an understanding of calculations meaning only certain people can carry out.

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At the moment there are no plans to change Purchase Order booking in functionality to adjust stock value to include the shipping costs

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

We were thinking about using LW for stock valuation but without the functionality to aggregate shipping cost across all products in a delivery then its basically useless for this purpose.  If you do implement it, you also need to add an optional import taxes/duties amount to be aggregated across delivery.

Having a good stock valuation element to LW would make it a much more attractive piece of software for ecommerce companies.

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