Bug Fix - Stop Linnworks getting out of sync when syncing

So I guess as everything is moving over to Linnworks.net, this might not get a look in, but as advised I'm posting it here anyway. Since using Linnworks, we regularly find our stock levels and due in stock levels are often not correct. For example, it might say we have 350 of an item due in when actually there are only 250 on order.

I've been told this is due to us 'delivering' a PO at the same time another computer is performing a sync. The advice was to check if another computer is syncing before making updates to the PO. This actually is not practical with our business set up.

However I personally consider this to be a bug as any multi-user system should be able to cope with updates being made from multiple places at the same time. It's pretty standard functionality for systems like this. A simple code check to see if a sync is running should be easy to build into the system. If a sync is running, store the updates in a temp file and run them after the sync is finished or part of the next sync process.

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