Automatically e-mail a PDF VAT Invoice

We have automatic PDF invoices attached to the despatch confirmation emails - but 10 people each day, mainly on amazon still request the invoice so a button to quickly resend the email invoice based on the the order ID or Reference would be really handy - at the moment its a copy and paste task, print to PDF then attached to amazon messages etc... takes a while.

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We are in the process of writing email functionality for and will see if there would be a way to implement email from Processed Orders, similar to Reprint Invoice

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

50% of our messages are from FBA customers requesting invoices.  We usually just send invoices electronically via attached PDF on despatch not paper copies.  Is there a way of automating this with a script.

Is there any progress in this please? 50% of my customer email to ask for invoice too.

If you are selling with Amazon - there is a facility for Amazon to generate the invoices and a VAT report for the specific period/month.  This will reduce the number of invoice requests, as the invoice is automatically available to the customer under Account purchased order history, once the order is despatched.  Will be good if eBay and other channels adopt this approach, making less work for Linnworks.

We have thought of a workaround for this which may help people. We now send a pdf invoice to every customer on dispatch but copy ourselves in to the email. The email arrives in our work inbox and is automatically swept to a folder called "Buyer Invoices". If they request a copy, we have a library of invoices so you can just search the folder for their confirmation and send it again. 

We signed up with Amazon Business so they handle all the invoicing now...only have 2-3 a week to manually send from non-amazon channels.  Electronic invoicing standard should be here by now! Its 2017!

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