Royal Mail Special Delivery with Saturday Guarantee

It would be the cherry on the beautiful cake to be able to print labels for RM Special Delivery services with a Saturday guarantee.

Pretty please xxxx

Thank you

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we will review the options on this one.

The service had previously been explicitly excluded from the list due to the risk of printing labels through this service on an invalid day and therefore causing issues with manifesting as Royal Mail are not comfortable receiving this data on days that are invalid and at the moment there is no means to restrict the day on which a label for a specific shipping service can be printed.

We will discuss with Royal Mail to clarify if there is anything that can be done when it comes to manifesting.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
We currently print Royal Mail labels via Linnworks but can not offer Saturday Delivery which is very important for us.

If you guys can make quick progress on this issue it will really help.

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