Print individual package labels for a consigment when required instead of all together.

Due to the nature of how the warehouse has to be organised we need to print the individual parcel labels on demand as opposed to all at once.

An order comes in and is split into 4 packages, therefore requiring 4 individual labels. I need to print each label individually when it is packaged and only process the order when all labels have been printed.

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Yes, this would be a fantastic addition for Linnworks. It would would give a total control for printing shipping labels. This would bring Linnworks to Metapack functionality of printing shipping labels. Also, this benefit any businesses where they keep stock at different physical locations on the day of dispatch, so the shipping labels could be printed in different locations trough out the day under the same consignment number. This would would take out a hassle out of dispatch department staff, hence save time and money.

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