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Missing filter for 'Multiple Order Items' currently used in Linnworks Desktop

We are still using Linnworks Desktop. A feature used daily is the filter for multiple item orders called "Multiple Order Items" under the 'Misc' section. This is to enable users to quickly apply any order splits/merge without scrolling through and visually looking for them. It would be useful to have this filter available in the .net version.

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This option can already be achieved in through setting up a filter for the number of items

1. Either add or modify an Open Order View
2. Click the Change button next to Filters
3. Set Items as the Column
4. Set Quantity as the filter by option
5. Set Greater than 1
5. Apply and save the Filter

More information on working with sorting and filtering in Open Order views can be found here

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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