ability to edit product cost price and extra field for invoice number after order deliveried

Our suppliers change the prices on the invoices sometimes (but by the point an deliver has been delivered) so cannot be changed and also, it would be good to be able to enter a supplier invoice number to our order, we would like to be able to update the product cost price, after it has been delivered

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Update cost price after PO marked as delivered
Technically this would be very difficult to implement. When a PO is marked as delivered the Linnworks stock value is adjusted by the purchase price. If you then made a change to the purchase price after the event it would then also have to track any stock movements that have been made since the booking in and calculate the difference both for sales and booking in values to then make adjust to the Linnworks Stock Value. It would also be very messing in terms of tracking the reason for the change in Stock value when there has not been a physical change in stock level.

Supplier Invoice Number
At the moment when creating a PO you have the option to set a Supplier Ref. number. Are you saying that you need an additional number for the Supplier Invoice?

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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