An improved EPOS solution

The current EPOS solution is barely tolerable and with the likes of EPOS NOW offering web integration and a whole range of apps I feel Linnworks will get left behind if it does not improve its current EPOS system.

In addition there needs to be some way of integrating payment solutions to be able to take direct payments through linnworks.

Finally if Linnworks has no intention of improving their EPOS then a suitable third party who can integrate should be available.

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Hi Adrian

Rather than demo with everyone on this post, As requested above could you stick up a few screen shots on the software and basic functionality. Then if anyone is interested we can arrange a demo ourselves with you. I'm sure alot of the businesses above don't have the time for a 15-20 min demo without anything to go on. I Have checked over the page myself and there's no insight as to how it looks, feels and interacts and what extra functionality you propose you offer over Epos Now etc.

Look forward to the screen shots soon.


Rock Collection 

Hello Murray,

Thank you for your comments.

Booking demos for customers interested in seeing how our EPOS software works has always been the process for quite some time now and hasn't 

been an issue. It's understandable that some businesses may be time constrained, however, this hasn't stopped us from getting appointments for remote demo sessions. We have only currently published information and videos about our EPOS integration for Linnworks and not our actual EPOS software.

We understand each business has unique requirements and so prior to each demo a call is taken with the customer to understand their requirements,

so that the demo can be built around this keeping the session time minimal.

The LinnPOS page has information about our EPOS integration for Linnworks and a video showing what can be seen in the application itself.

However, it does not have any literature or media regarding our EPOS software.



Ebusiness Guru

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