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EAN-13 Barcode in Label Designer

Please functionality to design different types of Barcode formats in label designer. We want to print Barcode label for our products from Linnworks.

Key Points:

1: Linnworks only support 3 of 9 barcode format

2: European standard barcode "EAN-13" consists of 13 digits. However if you print 13 digit number in linnworks 3 of 9 format. The barcode goes wider and wider and very thin vertically. It makes is very difficult to align our scanners to read barcodes quickly.

Please kindly add EAN-13 and UPC barcode formats in your label designer. It will save us a fortune. Right now, we are having to copy and paste barcode numbers from linnworks to a third party software. And many times we make mistake and have to relabel all items again.

Please please, consider this functionality. It matters a lot to our current system.

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I completely agree and would put this as highest priority - one of the big reasons we moved to Linnworks was the ability to print product barcode labels. It seems after all that we cannot !!
yes, we have this needs too, the EAN 13 BARCODE printed by linnworks won't be scanned.
This functionality has now been reviewed and has been accepted into the development cycle.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems
This would make a huge difference, do you know when we can expect this to be implemented?

I do agreed with idea. Currently we need to use other system to print labels only.

The ability to be able to design your own labels templates similar to the way invoice templates work would be the perfect solution for me.

Any update on this feature request? Has it got an estimated release date yet?


Do we have a date for this yet?

Maybe in 2020, they'll have this done!

Not sure what they're upto really, oh yea i know!

Extend this for other barcode formats? e.g. QRcode and data matrix?

Been told today that this has been archived!

haha it's so long ago they forgot no doubt or just don't see the importance...

Archived... UNBELIEVABLE!!!! 

This would seem like a very obvious feature and clearly a very popular one, please reconsider this Linnworks!

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