DHL Global Mail (DHL ecommerce) Integration

The most popular ecommerce shipping around the World needs to be integrated...

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We are also waiting for this integration. Spoke to Linnworks yesterday who have said there's still no ETA. Looks like a lost cause.

Yes we are also waiting on this. It seems to take Linnworks an age to get anything implemented. I can't see them getting this done before the turn of the year. Very frustrating.

If it's not integrated by the end of this year, aren't we all risking to have orders going missing or being returned to sender if we're not compliant with the pre-advise rules? 

We are still using Linnworks for our Global Mail orders, but we are printing plain address labels and adding manual LX stickers to each, scanning them into LW and writing the CN22 ourselves on stickers. It's an absolute headache and we are absolutely not compliant with anything, which apparently is already an issue when posting to the US (but we haven't experienced any issues yet). 

Out of interest, are the rest of you using the Deutsche Post portal instead of LW? That seems to be more time consuming to us, but maybe I'm wrong? 

Swapping to another courier is not an alternative for us, as no one seem to be able to beat the rates and service we have with DHL/Deutsche Post, so if necessary we are looking into moving over to Mintsoft. Anyone has any experience of that software? 

Just to add, we are also now waiting on LW integrating the other DHL services to global mail.(We need the untracked service mainly)  Not much confidence considering this has been going on for years already. 

I am going to take a look at Mintsoft as it looks like we might be waiting a long time on LW getting themselves sorted. 

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