DHL Global Mail (DHL ecommerce) Integration

The most popular ecommerce shipping around the World needs to be integrated...

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Why have you completed this?
I was told by support to add this here for integration as the existing DHL Global Mail is actually "DHL Deutsche Post" and does not integrate to DHL Global Mail and i have no idea why you call it that if that is the case, see below for support message:

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"Apologies for the late reply, I just got a word from our shipping team that this is actually DHL Deutsche Post but not DHL Global Mail and that integration will not be using the API. Sorry for misinformation"
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Apologies, I misread the topic.

We have done integration with DHL Global Mail which is World Wide mail injection, i.e. you send your packets to Germany and they inject it into their global network.

DHL eCommerce is altogether a different beast and we have already received all the necessary documentation from DHL with regards to this service. However I don't think we will be able to commit any resources to this project until July the best case, due to the current work load commissioned by other couriers.

Any ETA on regular DHL express services integration?

Any ETA on regular DHL express services integration?

I believe DHL should integrated as one of the core integrations.

I assume Linnworks don't know exaclty that their "DHL" integration is just "DHL Deutsche Post"

DHL Globalmail currently only supports tracked/registered services. Are there any plans to include integration for the untracked Globalmail post?


Untracked services will be released later this year. Unfortunately, there's no exact ETA I could provide you with.



Shipping Team

Yes, it would be interesting to know when untracked services will be integrated within Linnworks.  As I understand, there are new regulations being introduced which relate to pre-advicing customs data and this will need to submitted to Deutsche Post.  This will impact all services - both tracked and untracked.

Olga - any news on this? Later this year was back in 2017. We are now 6 months into 2018 so maybe you have an ETA now.


We would essentially need Globalmail API integration. Is there an ETA on this from Linnworks??


I believe we already do have a DHL GlobalMail integration. 

Could you please go to > Shipping > Integrations > Add New > DHL GlobalMail. 

Proceed with adding your details and let us know if that works for you.

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Yes, but the integration only gives option for 2 services only. There are other Deutche Post / Globalmail services which cannot use at the moment and this requires full Linnworks integration with DHL API.

Yes, as Eric says, you only support what they call Packet Plus (a signed for service). There are another two services including un-tracked and Packet Tracked...

This from Deutsche Post...

-- START --

The Deutsche Post API has been completed and is now available for use. So in theory, Linnworks can start their integration for Packet Tracked. Unfortunately we do not have any influence on this. But with more interest from their customers such as yourselves, they might speed this process up.


Below is the link to our API, if you are interested in potentially setting this up for yourselves.

--END --

We're adding to this thread now too, as we have been waiting since the beginning of the year for the new DHL Global Mail integration. It's been said from LW that it's on the agenda but that there are no ETA for it, but the Jan 2019 pre-advise deadline is getting closer and we have started looking at other options than Linnworks. 

The account managers at Global Mail keep telling us that Linnworks has the API but that there may be a disagreement between LW and DHL in regards to charges for having this new integration set up (we can't confirm if this really is the case, it sounds crazy for LW to charge the courier companies for being integrated). Apparently Mintsoft and Scurri have thew new integrations done, so customers using those are now compliant with the new pre-advise rules and have access to the services for Untracked and Tracked (not just Plus like LW). 

We are so well looked after with incredible rates with Global Mail so changing software instead of courier would be much easier if this hasn't been completed this Autumn. 

I wonder how many Global Mail users we are on Linnworks who need the new integration? 

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