The ability to create separate e-mail invoice templates

As we've moved towards better integration with Royal Mail, FedEx and other postal services we gain great efficiency with organising post but end up with more work on the administrative side for customers who request e-mail invoices.

It's almost a standard these days that you will get an invoice with your purchase when it arrives, and a copy by e-mail that you can peruse before the order is dispatched.

With the live labels printed onto invoices now so they can be packed quicker, we lose the ability to also create PDF copies of our Royal Mail and FedEx invoices.

At present there is no way to match an integrated FedEx invoice with a French invoice we can quite easily create as a PDF template for customers who purchase through CDiscount.

There are ways to get around it, but they're quite lengthy and obviously any changes again in the future create a lot of work.

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