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Ability to change the name of the EBAY channel to either the shop name or username

I would be a nice thing to be able to do this as personally i believe that it will be easier and appealing to have a proper name and not just a number.

It will make the process a bit faster for who ever has more than 1 account.

Thank you for your time and if my proposal is no good then i apologize.

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Seconded! Makes no sense that you can customise the name of any channel integration apart from eBay!

We need this - it's hard to tell which store an order relates to otherwise.

Yes please!

We would also like this.

I can't understand why this is not already a standard feature. I understand that any database needs a unique name for a channel, but surely it is possible to have an editable display name that connects to this channel id. Or the username + country code would work as it would be unique no?

Hello there,

This has been considered quite a few times now, however there are multiple complications that prevent us from accepting this feature request. It might seem as if its a simple and a small change, however I'm afraid that is not the case. The main problem would be the fact that the whole database structure and its functionality with eBay is built around the fact that SubSources for eBay will be defined as "EBAY(nr)". Changing this will mean re-writing quite a big chunk of Linnworks as a whole. 

At the moment this Feature Request is rejected due to the complexity of work and the amount of resources that is required to change this from the back end.



Kirill, is it possible for other channels, our Cdiscount account has the same name as one of our amazon accounts, it gets confusing

What about just adding an extra field instead of rewriting your entire structure???? From a programming perspective it is easy to add extra field...

So it would say name (ebayNR) - CUSTOM NAME (Whatever you feel like adding) - Enabled/disabled - inventory sync then the buttons....

That should not impact anything at all on eBay integrations and does make it more clear which account your selling on on eBay..

That would only take an extra field in the SQL database and a minor super simple layout update.....

You guys think to advanced lets rewrite the whole system when we can just add a field....

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