Splitting orders - split postage equally between all orders

Currently when splitting an order with multiple products, the postage costs stays with one of the orders and isn't automatically split equally between both orders.

For instance if i have 2 items at £21.99 and postage of £10, then i would end up with 1 order at £21.99 with 0 postage and 1 order at £21.99 with £10 postage.

Ideally we would like something added to the "split order" feature, where it would ask "would you like to split postage" or even just automatically do it according to the number of orders, so you dont need to then go and edit the other orders manually.


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Excellent idea, why isn't this already a standard feature?
we have reviewed this request and whilst not outright declined, there are no plans to take this request forward at the present time.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems

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