Add Rule Action to change packaging

Add a action that will enable you to change the packaging type for an order using a rule.

We send international goods in stronger packaging then UK orders, so we want to be able to assign a different packaging group for these orders automatically. In the same way you can assign a different postal service. Add an action in the rules section ' Change Packaging Group'.

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We have lots of potential updates for additional Actions on the Rules Engine. I will make sure this one is included in the list.

We have not started work on the updates for this feature due to current work loads, but it will not be forgotten.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

We have the same issue, for most our products 3D packaging does not work so we need rules to override this for specific products.

Hello Wojciech,

You have created a ticket with the same question, we will assist you in that ticket.

Have a nice day!

Same problem here. We desperately require such a feature.

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