Stock Out option

Is there a reason not to have a Stock Out option in Linnworks?

It would be very hand to have one!

If we could assing a reason to it. Example stock sent to FBA or stock taken to the Shop.

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I find it very annoying that when sending stock to amazon I have to scrap it in order to add a reason. We currently scrap the stock and put reason "Sent FBA". However this confuses stats when we are trying to work out the percentage of faults on certain lines.
also having the same issue, firstly have to transfer stock from warehouse to default location then create an order to send stock to fba location and put prices as zero for everything so it accounts for the stock leaving us and then process the order. this does mess up the analytics of profitability....

I agree with all of the above. I have to maintain a separate database because of the basic stock management features that are missing in Linnworks. Stock Up and Stock down (viewable transactions...not just the process) and book out stock for FBA. How can I check what was sent to Amazon (in Linnworks) versus what was booked out to Amazon (on Amazon). Last minute changes to Amazon sometimes get missed. Errors happen and you sometime need to cross reference what Amazon say they have and what you think you sent..


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