Report total weight of manifest before submission to Royal Mail

We've moved over to Linnworks integration with Royal Mail OBA however as a final check we used to check the price of the OBA order before submitting the order to make sure there wasnt a transpoistion error, we know roughly how much we spend daily with RM and its always around the same guideline,

However as i understand it Linnworks will never be able to report the total price before submittsion as they dont contact RM Servers until filing the manifest,

As a final check it would be really useful if the total combined weight can be displayed in the postage manifest so that we can see what it weights, we know our sacks amount to 10kg each and if we have 4 sacks going out then it should be around 40kg but there is no way to verify what Linnworks submits other than going through each order manually (tedious considering the volume) or checking the total price once the manifest is filed then any errors having to contact RM which isnt very good.

Please give your vote if you think having the total combined weight of the manifest would be really useful for you too before filing it!

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