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Rebooking of Royal Mail Labels

Make it easy to cancel and rebook royal mail oba labels from the open orders/processing orders page, it would support the workflow below which is what we used before adopting linnworks and allows us to process high volume.

As it stands to do this is Linnworks is really clunky

Work flow


Assume all orders are Large Letter 48 and 24 and assign royal mail service as required.

Print all invoices and pick and pack orders

Before end of day rebook any orders that need a change of format e.g. change from Large Letter 48 -> Parcel 48

This means cancelling the Label already generated, change the format and then print new label

Run the manifest


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We have 2 developments related to this feature that are part of the current development cycle.

Improvements to View Consignments screen
This is currently at planning stage and will provide searching functionality within this screen, making it easier to find the required consignment to be 'Deferred' or 'Cancelled'

Cancel from Open Orders
We have development underway that will allow users to cancel a shipping label from directly within the Open Orders screen and therefore remove in from the un-filed manifest allowing you to select another service and print a new shipping label.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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