Option to control what is appended to SKU when listing an inventory item multiple times.

Currently, when Linnworks lists a product to a channel (for example Amazon UK) it lists it with the SKU from Linnworks by default. But when listing it a second time (for example Amazon FR) it appends .1 to the SKU.

Having different SKUs is normally necessary when listing a product multiple times, but there are occasions when we would like the channel SKU to be identical.

The most obvious example of this is when listing a product that we want to be fulfilled by Amazon. For listings on Amazon UK, FR, DE, IT or ES to be fulfilled from the same FBA stock… the listings need to be created on all the channels with the same SKU.

Please consider giving us the option the customize how Linnworks makes Channel SKUs unique. And give us an option to, in certain circumstances, tell Linnworks not to make the Channel SKU unique.

An example of how we might be able to customize how Linnworks makes SKUs unique would be allowing us to append .FR for Amazon FR, .DE for Amazon DE (and FR1 FR2 for multiple listing to the same Subsource?) This would be especially useful for eBay where it is hard to tell exactly which channels we are and aren’t listed on without downloading reports, etc.

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