Make it possible to set default minimum stock level

Make it possible to set a default minimum stock level. Minimum stock level is important for me as I use low stock emails. Currenlty I have to import minimum stock level every time I list new products otherwise I have to use linnworks default of 4. It would be must better if I could set the default myself.

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This functionality request has been reviewed and accepted onto the development cycle

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Has this been implemented yet ? If not do you have a time estimate if will be implemented ?


is this same issue as imported SKU having min stock level set to 4 if not set in the import CSV ? this is causing me problems as the system is suggesting PO for new SKUs imported with qty 4 for every new SKU

How are we 5 years on and this fundamentally required and incredibly basic feature still isn't done? This should have been available from inception and causes merchants a number of problems.

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