Have A "BLACK" FILE with blocked buyers from all sale channels.

We have many italian clients that we do not want to sell. Most of them are from the south (Palermo, Sycylia) and from our experience the postage even with tracking numbers never get delivered to them.

There are also other buyers with strange, incomplete address and ZERO feedbacks.

As such, we would like to have an option to:

1) add the particular client directly from OPEN ORDERS to the "black list"

2) once added to our linnworks' "black list"

and the buyer (same address, same surname) after few weeks purchases something either on my amazon store or webstore...

linnworks should highlight that new transaction with RED COLOUR


3) Adding a buyer to the BLACK LIST should be also possible in the PROCESSED ORDERS.

For example, after shipment we learn that our client threatens us with a negative feedback (also, mostly Italian clients) or expect gold instead of stainless steel...

Greets to all good people out there.

Peace with you


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+1 yes a buyer blacklist is needed for sure.

There is currently no way to block certain amazon buyers at all.

We've recently released an app via the Linnworks application store that you might find fulfils most of the criteria you've listed here:

- Can add to a blacklist by searching for any open or processed order (#1 & #3)

- Can flag orders that are made by customers on the blacklist (#2, although it can't make the whole order red, unfortunately, but it can add the inbuilt Linnworks flag of your choice)


p.s. ForĀ Road-Knights-Online: as it stands the app won't work for Amazon buyers, because Linnworks doesn't receive the email address of the buyer, which is what we use for our blacklist. However, if the app is well received there's no doubt it'll be one of the first updates; to make a more comprehensive blacklist that includes buyer name, postal info & various account usernames to make an intelligent judgement as to whether an order is from bad buyer.


this is regarding Warden app. Is it possible for this app to steal my contact details from the processed orders database ?

there is no info on the net about Warden developers so would like to confirm the securities before any installation...



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