2 Step verification using google Authenticate

Given Linnworks contains all our customers data, sensitive stock information and much more at the core of any business.

it would make sense that you should enable a more secure way of access even if data is encrypted at your end.

Therfore I suggest an opt in 2 step verification for linnworks.net as this is the progressive form of security and should be a standard for an application such as linnworks.

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Yes, this would be a very important feature to add to safeguard our data and prevent unauthorised access to our accounts.

This should be integrated already. 

Amazon have done this due to the huge amount of spam that goes out to sellers trying to get details

If Someone was able to get Linnworks details it would cause chaos and give access to all seller accounts. 

This should be on the top priority list to get Linnworks into the 21st century on security. 

Mutli-factor authentication is the only way. 

Make it optional, so your users can choose if they want this. Its so easy to add Google Authenticate to a service.

Agreed, we would 100% use this on all accounts.

I would love to see Google Authenticate added to the security of Linnworks as currently I feel the data could be extremely vulnerable.

It is an increasing minimum requirement.  The implementation cannot be overly challenging when you see many services with 2 Step via text or google authenticate.

Like I say we do not know even if the data stored in the Linnworks database is encrypted in anyway also which is a concern. However Primarily unauthorised access to a Linnworks account could cause havoc. 

I hope this is something Linnworks takes seriously and does not wait until something happens to initiate this additional security feature. It should be seen as an urgency to implement. 

No Progress or response from Linnworks on this matter yet. 

other marketplaces have seen the need for 2 Step but Linnworks that has all the same data does not. 

It needs doing. 

Implement 2 step, there is no argument against this if its optional for users. Its a no-brainer. 

Hello Sam,

Thank you for bringing this forward. 

As it stands, we have no immediate plans to implement this, but we won't exclude the suggestion as we clearly see the benefits. 

No Movement on this basic security request from 2 years ago. 

Every marketplace worth its salt has this in place. Surely this is a sign that this basic security feature is fundamental. Especially when with google 2 step it is not a difficult thing to implement. this should be high on your list of things to do!

Agree this is a must going forward. Too much sensitive data now needs protecting even more. Especially with GDPR issues.

We highly support the addition of 2FA for Linnworks!!!

Come on Linnworks 

2FA is basic, Both ebay and Amazon have it, You have data from both those marketplaces, so surely should have it as a minimum. 

Make it opt in only so only the users who want it use it and your not forcing anything on anyone. 

Dont even have to use google, Text based 2 factor would be fine also. 

2FA is essential in 2018, you are in control of our data and our customers data. Just a password is not enough and if there was a breach in Linnworks Security this could be one of the main safeguards of our Selling accounts and Customer data. 

6 other customers agree above, I think Linnworks knows full well, this is a must. 

You need to add this as an essential update and soon. 

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