Add Address to Royal Mail Manifest for PayPal / EBay / Amazon Claims - URGENT

I have just had a customer make a PayPal chargeback for 4 purchases.

PayPal have asked for Proof Of Postage for the transactions.

With the relatively new RM Linnworks integration, I can show them the signed "Royal Mail Collection Manifest" which has the tracking numbers on it but it doesn't have any addresses on it next to the tracking number.

So according to PayPal I cannot contest the claim despite evidence of a tracking number and delivery because the address is not on the collection sheet. They are still expecting us to be using the books / stickers where we write in the address.

Please add the delivery address on to the Royal Mail Collection Manifest so that it can be used as evidence in the instance of claims.


Currently I stand to be £150 out of pocket because despite being able to prove delivery, I cannot prove the address.

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