Purchase Order - sort by Category to add SKU's

We find it really hard to find the items to order, would it be possible to filter the search by category, then search by SKU and also be able to select more than one SKU at a time please.

We need to be able to filter this current stock from out outlet stock and category seems to be the most sensible way of doing this.

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We have plans to implement "Reorder Low Stock" within Linnworks.net which may give you what you need as it will be able to provide a list of items that are below Minimun Level and allow you to create a Purchase Order for all the items that have the same Default supplier.

Trying to better understand what you are refering to with regards to filtering on "Current stock" and "Outlet Stock", so if you could provide a bit more detail that would be helpful.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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