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Reconsider your new pricing structure

I like many of your users have been horrified by the announcement of your new pricing structure . Which will mean about 70% of your users will see a price increase. In our case it is 100% and within your blog others have said that the increase that they would see is a lot more. So if you truly cared about your users please reconsider this massive price increase.

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Dear Craig,
this is not the correct place for kind of comment and has been declined on this basis.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

Where should such a comment be made? Mark is certainly not alone. I am faced with up to 375% increase!

Hi there,

In regards to the pricing plans you can get in touch with our sales department to discuss all the options. The new Pricing Plans have been announced about 3 months ago via our blog and there have been emails sent out to our customers notifying about this:  .

You can reach our Sales Department via Phone: +44 20 3651 7045. Make sure to select Sales Department when choosing an extension. 

I only became aware of this after a phone call as, due to the daily volumes of emails and limited time, I tend to skip newsletters etc. 

With respect, I'd like to address my comments business owner to business owner rather than to a salesman. Who do you suggest at that level?

Hey, Kirill. Thanks for the blog link.  It seems there is outcry from small users against the price increase. I'll add my voice to the protest. I hope upper management are taking heed of the effect this is having at a time when your support is under fire and front-ends like BigCommerce are well on the way to providing the sort of back-end facilities which Linnworks offers. Time will tell if this decision is an own goal.


much depends on their implementation on the amazon integration.

looking at bigcommerce it is initially for only US sellers selling in USD.


their solution might be suitable for certain business models (particular at the lower end of the market that are put off by the £150 monthly linnworks charge) it will not be as feature rich as linnworks or even m2epro and most likely will have some kind of limitation in terms of number of amazon/ebay orders it can handle just like brightpearl has


to me, linnworks I think was priced at a bargain price for far too long.

A really low price when I compare it to channeladvisor and esellerpro who charge a minimum of 1.5% of sales.

it's no joking matter when you have sales of at least £50000 a month

however it is a free market out there and you are free to choose who you want to use based on your business model and budget.



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