Add Royal Mail 24 and 48 delivery confirmation numbers to linnworks.

Royal Mail now supports delivery confirmation details on 24 and 48 services providing that the labels generated are 2D.

See here:

Linnworks printed 2D RM24 and RM48 have this number on them, but there is no way to retrieve this number from linnworks, so once the parcel has been sent, unless a manual record is kept of the number (not feasible without drowning in paperwork and man hours) then there is no way to check if RM have delivered a parcel or not.

Please could you add the RM confirmation number that is already printed on the labels to the tracking number column of the database.

Many thanks


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This functionality has been accepted and is planned to be implemented into the system as soon as possible

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
I know it's never easy to give a time for the roll out on this but as we are approaching a very busy time of year is there any chance it will be rolled out by November?

This would be a huge help leading up to Christmas and I cannot imagine it is a huge development task.

Many thanks
As with the Anonymous comment. This really is a BIG deal as the busiest period of the year starts.
Must agree, this would be a massive Help, especially at this time of year.
The Delivery Confirmation is now live, and it would be great to Pass the information on when the Order is shipped.

Is there any progress on this feature?

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